Athleisure at 535W43


Athleisure at 535W43

As models sporting fall’s best looks took to the catwalks during New York Fashion Week, a different kind of stylish event was unfolding in the lovely, landscaped interior courtyards of 535W43. More than 100 guests took part in a special Athleisure Magazine event called “Athleisure House,” which featured presentations by three innovative designers making waves in the field of fitness wear: HOM, a French brand specializing in fitness wear for men (which shares a parent company with HANRO); Noli Yoga, a New York City-based company that makes activewear for women; and Maaji, a swimwear line based in Colombia. With its modern and minimalist architecture and natural wood highlights, the secluded courtyard setting at the Midtown West rental building was a perfect fit.   The event opened with a presentation in the lower courtyard of 535W43 by Noli Yoga with Misfit wearable fitness trackers. Models wore Noli leggings and tops, along with accessories by Yosi Samra, Melt Method, Quilted Koala, Soundchick Accessories, Dharma Yoga Wheel, and Sand by Saya. Proving that substance is just as important as style, the models held elegant and challenging yoga poses to show viewers how Noli clothing contours to fit an athletic body at work and at play.  

Models demonstrate expert Yoga poses in their comfortable and stylish Noli Yoga ensembles. (Photo courtesy of SNOWFLAKE NYC.)

  Next up, another group of models lined up at the far end of the courtyard, and it was clear from the nearby pool toys that it was time to view some swimwear. The women modeled chic suits by Maaji, with bags and sandals by Kemi Designs and Sand by Saya. To help set the scene, the Athleisure House sponsors provided guests with an array of healthy and refreshing snacks to try, including  ZICO Coconut Water, Macrobars, JUST Water, plus treats like Mochidoki ice cream and Truly Spiked Sparkling Water by Sam Adams.  

Models wearing swimsuits by Maaji posed with beach toys at the Athleisure House event at 535W43. (Photo courtesy of SNOWFLAKE NYC.)

  At last, the men in the crowd got to see how fashion and fitness converge in vibrant, tropical style as the last group of models emerged decorated in tribal paint. Wearing HOM leggings and shorts with a variety of patterns, the ultra-fit models demonstrated that athletic wear can be as fashion-forward as a well-tailored suit. As the sun went down, guests enjoyed meeting the designers and event sponsors, no doubt inspired to try a little Athleisure of their own.  

Male models sporting shorts and leggings by HOM (and tribal paint) capped off an impressive presentation. (Photo courtesy of SNOWFLAKE NYC.)